About Eva van de Burgt

I was born in 1982 in a Dutch town named Geldrop. Since 1994 I live and work in the beautiful surroundings of Twente. Around the age of 10 I started with a single oil painting, but I mainly drew lot’s of horses.

In my perfectionism, I threw away most of my drawings and paintings, because in my opinion they were not good enough. They where not like reality, not as it should be.

For years I did not paint, until 2017. I decided to do things that I liked without having to be perfect. I now apply this principle to more and more areas of my life, because it gives a great sense of freedom.

By painting I simply enjoy all the beauty that is there, and I am amazed at everything that does not go as I expected.

Eva van de Burgt
Owner & Artist


The Beginning


Born in April 1982 in Geldrop, the Netherlands to Matthieu and Marijke van de Burgt. I have a younger sister named Julia. She live’s in Dubai.


I made my first oil painting on an easel I received from Sinterklaas. It pictured the mountains of Switserland. The painting must surely be somewhere in the attic in the house of my parents. Shortly after we moved to the town Haaksbergen in Twente, I went to a new school and forgot about painting. Everything was now about horseback riding and making new friends.


Unlike my family, I continued to live in Twente. I started painting again, and when I see something beautiful I often can’t wait to start with a new canvas.


If you like you can see some of my artworks in Galerie Lambert, an awesome gallery in the art town of The Netherlands, Ootmarsum.


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