Treasure Fields

Treasure Fields - Eva van de Burgt Art

Nr. 035 | Treasure Fields | Original | Acrylic paint on canvas | Glossy finish | 50 x 100 x 1,6 cm | €953


If you look around you, there are always treasures and abundance to be found. Especially in nature that blooms so exuberantly at this time of the beginning of summer. Nature can bring you new thoughts and refresh you, so that you suddenly see possibilities that you did not see before. If you look closely at something, you will see more and more details about which you can be amazed and give thanks to God. Look around you is the message, you are walking in Treasure Fields.


Treasure Fields is an original. The canvas is painted with acrylic paint (Amsterdam). The palette includes colors like green, purple, yellow, pink and ultramarine blue, as well as hints of metal and gold that glow when the sun hits the canvas. The canvas is made of quality cotton on a stretcher and measures 50 x 100 x 1.6 cm.


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Treasure Fields - Eva van de Burgt Art
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