Swamp Treasures


What should have become a painting of a four-leaf clover – to promote a flow of happiness for my sister – eventually became something completely different. That’s how it works with intuitive painting. If you turn off your mind while making a painting, you almost always get something different than you first planned. A few clover leaves became a swampy whole until it was no longer recognizable as such. It became a fresh green whole of marsh plants with pink flowers and golden branches. Then I thought: A swamp also has hidden treasures. How lucky!



When I later had let go of making a painting of a four-leaf clover, I finally succeeded spontaneously.

Materials used

This painting Swamp Treasures is an original artwork. The artwork is painted with high quality Amsterdam Acrylic paint. The canvas (29 x 29 x 4 cm / 11.4 x 11.4 x 1.6 inches) consists of primed linen that is stretched on a firm frame. Both the front and back of the painting is coated with a glossy varnish that keeps the colors beautiful even longer. We also supply wedges with which you can tighten the fabric if necessary. The back of the canvas is equipped with a sturdy horizontally stretched steel wire to which you can hang the artwork in your favorite spot immediately.

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We send the paintings of EvaVanDeBurgt | Art registered and via reputable parcel services. Depending on the destination, delivery within the Netherlands takes on average 2 working days, 5 working days within the EU and up to 10 working days for other destinations in the world. The shipping costs are already included in the price. Before shipping, we wrap the painting firmly in bubble wrap and cover it with cardboard sheets. Then we package the whole in brown Natronkraft paper and possibly a protective box.

Orange collection

The orange collection contains paintings with studies and try-outs for future paintings. They are made with high-quality acrylic paint, but on a less thick canvas and lighter framework. See our warranty and service policy for more information. Because these adorable paintings also deserve a nice place in your home or office, we sell them for a friendly price. If you are interested, please contact us.

Extra informatie

Afmetingen 29294 cm

Acrylic paint on canvas, Glossy finish


29 x 29 x 4 cm

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